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What we specialise in...

  • Centre seal Flat pouch

  • Flat Gusseted Pouch

  • Centre Seal Gusseted Pouch

  • 2 Side Seal Pouch

  • 3 Side Seal Pouch

  • Quad Seal Pouch

  • Standup Pouch

Bespoke Pouches

We can create a bespoke pouch catered to your product, with your ideal style and finishing in mind. We’ll work with you to test your products in various pouch samples to find the best film suitability and fit for you. If you’re looking for a printed bespoke pouch, our professional print team will analyse your artwork creating an accurate packaging specification for your approval.


Our stock pouches are available in clear, metallised and paper in up to 7 different sizes available in box quantities. Our high demand pouches are made with accuracy and precision resulting in a robust package with a long shelf life. The stock pouches also food grade, ideal for confectionary, snacks, pet food, whole food, dried food, tea/coffee, and all non-food products.

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Our compostable bags are 100% bio-degradable, they are made from renewable resources such as plants and trees hence forth returning to the natural environment after use. We convert various compostable and cellulose films all in-house, for samples and more information get in touch today.