10 Benefits of Pouches

5 May 2017

With a vast amount of packaging choices within flexible packaging here are a few reasons why pouches are your best option for you.

1. Light – Pouches weigh less than the average package, thus resulting in lower shipping costs.
2. Flexible – As pouches have more area for movement you are able to fit more units in the same amount of space.

3. Durable – They can handle bumps and knocks without any damages to the packaging unlike tins and glass.

4. Sustainable – Pouches take more product and less packaging, therefore reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

5. Customise – Pouches can be designed to suit your needs from the style, the finish and the material.

6. Instore – In the shop floor pouches sit nicely on the shelf or they can be hung dependant if you have a europerforation insert.

7. Transportable – A pouch can be put in your bag and taken anywhere with you, as the shape moulds to fit without taking too much space unlike boxes and containers.

8. Practical – Tear notches in the pouch help customers to open the packaging and re-sealable zippers make it easier to make use of the end product.

9. Protects – The materials of the pouch stops vapour, odour, air, pests and light coming in contact with the product. Some films such as Foil and Nylon contain barrier properties adding extra strength.Hygiene perforations in the pouch also help the product ‘breathe’ controlling moisture.

10. Density – The laminated films that pouches are made from can give them a strong structure that allow them to stay in their unique shapes.

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