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19 February 2018

Our stock range is filled with a range of flexible packaging options that you’ll be spoilt for choice! Whether the end usage is food or non-food we have a variety of products that are available off the shelf- resulting in very low minimum order quantities and competitive prices, take a look at what we have to offer.

Stand-up Pouches

The stock stand-up pouches are available in seven different sizes, from as small as 110mm x 132mm to as large as 250mm x 300mm, so there’s a very good chance of finding a suitable size.

The stock pouch range comes in three different styles to choose one, all which convey different impressions suitable for the product:

  1. Transparent – The transparent stand-up pouch offers full product visibility, suitable for enticing colourful products.
  2. Clear Front Kraft Paper back – This pouch allows for the product to be visible from the front, however has a brown Kraft paper back adding a rustic, artisan feel to the pouch.
  3. Clear Front Metallised Back – The metallised stock pouch again gives a window to the front of the pouch, and has a sheen metallised back, resulting in a high gloss mirrored effect.

They are all food grade and are suitable for many different uses including confectionery, snacks, pet food, wholefoods, dried foods, tea, coffee as well as other non-food products.

The pouches are embedded with features for good handling and consumer ease including tear notches for easy opening, a zipper to be able to reseal the pouch and retain moisture, and a Doy gusset for the product to sit suitably.

Back Seal Bags

The stock back seal bag range come in ten different sizes including eight gusseted bags and two non-gusseted bags.

All the back seal bags are food grade and are suitable for confectionary, dried foods, bakery, wholefoods and non-food usage.

The bags are completely transparent allowing full visibility of the product, the bags also have a gloss like surface showcasing their quality.

The bags are manufactured with a back seal and bottom weld adding strength and durability, the film itself also has excellent sealing performance. The gusseted bags allow for extra space suitable for bulky items and for bars to fit nicely.

Film Front Bags

Stock film front bags are available in seven different sizes from 178mm x 178mm up to 305mm x 305mm ideal for small or large products.

As the rest of our stock products these bags are also food grade and are used for food service and catering whether it’s savoury or sweet.

The film front bags are made up of a quality pearlized film on the back of the bag adding a deluxe feel to the bag and a transparent front to view the product.


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