Our work has been recognised for high quality printing and flawless finishing onto mono films and laminates. We specialise in flexographic printing, as well as cold foil and hot foil all printed inhouse. We have the ability to print up to 8 colours including matt and gloss lacquers, producing outstanding print instantly.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a highly beneficial form of printing large amounts of packaging at high speeds and it is very cost effective. The process starts off with a copy of your artwork being laser engraved onto photo polymer printing plates- a separate plate is required for each colour. These plates get inputted around the cylinders and inserted onto the printing press, and then coated with ink. Rolls of materials are fed through the printing press continuously and the ink is pressed onto the material.

Thermal Print

Thermal printing is commonly used for printing barcodes, but it is also used for printing small images and text. Thermal printing incorporates a high-speed processor which results in instant production. This process entails a wax based ink which is transferred onto the film, and is cooled down and permanently printed.

Hot Foil

Hot Foil also requires copper plates to be made similar to flexo printing. Once the die has been created it is added to the hot print head and raised in temperature. This design is then transferred from the die through the foil, onto the film. Hot foil printing is a speedy process and takes less than a second per product!

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